IBM: Outcomes

Client: IBM
Brand: IBM
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Paris
Category: Corporate
Country: France

In 2009, IBM launched its Smarter Planet vision – the world is now connected, economically, technically and socially. And our planet is becoming smarter: by infusing intelligence into the way the world literally works – the systems and processes that enable physical goods to be developed, manufactured, bought and sold… services to be delivered…everything from people and money to oil, water and electrons to move.. and billions of people to work and live. Companies, institutions and industries must become smarter. Companies and institutions are rethinking their systems and applying technologies in new ways. IBM is uniquely positioned and has the depth to provide the expertise to help companies, institutions and leaders build a smarter planet.

Moving into 2010 and 2011, IBM evolved from why it is important to build a smarter planet to how to build a smarter planet. As the "smart" message became more mainstream, more efficient and effective ways had to be found to bring the work to life because it had to work hard in both the paid and non-paid media environments. By shifting the agenda from the definitional to the actionable, IBM wanted to invite forward-thinkers to actively build and promote the Smarter Planet with IBM. But what actually happens when the planet gets smarter? The campaign had to demonstrate not only the evidence of these smart things happening around the world but also the industry leadership: this was done by showing proof that Smarter Planet is not just an aspiration, but a reality – with proven outcomes. The campaign needed to show how these outcomes had been achieved and the lessons learned so that they could improve business in people's lives.