Permissionbased Email Marketing: the New Frontier

Jeff Farris
e2 Communications

As email inboxes groan under the strain of message overload, people are becoming far more discerning about which emails they choose to give any real consideration. By way of illustration, Table 1 provides some us statistics. With too little time and too much information at their 'disposal', it is customers, rather than vendors, who are defining the rules of engagement (which are illustrated in Exhibits 1 and 2). The more internetsavvy marketers have quickly grasped this notion and are now forming a mass exodus away from blanket email campaigning to more targeted, personalised strategies. The tool facilitating the most profound changes in ecrm practice is known as permissionbased email marketing.


In the US, email users account for almost 50% of the population aged 14+ (eMarketer, 2000)
1999: estimated 90 to 150 million email users in the US (IDC, Forrester Research)
Projected email message volume in the US, 2000:509 billion (eMarketer, 2000)
... and the number is only going to grow (web appliances, wireless, video games, WebTV, etc)