Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida: The Power of The Human Voice



Category: Insurance
Country where program ran: USA
Date program started/ended: April 2008 - Present

Product Description: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida provides a variety of health insurance products to residents of the state of Florida.

Advertiser/Client Name: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
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Marketplace Challenge:

The health insurance industry is entering a period of tremendous change. Health care costs continue to skyrocket, and so does the cost of health care coverage. As a result, a growing number of employers no longer offer group health insurance to their employees, and more and more consumers find themselves unable to afford health insurance - either for themselves, or for their families. In Florida, where Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) operates, 21% of state residents do not have health insurance (Source: 2007 Kaiser Family Foundation - In addition to the steady increase in cost for health care coverage, Floridians are now expected to be far more involved in decisions about their own coverage and that of their spouses and dependents. These are decisions that they may not feel informed enough to make under ordinary circumstances - much less when these decisions are made while facing a health-related crisis, a time during which it's difficult to be fully rational or focused. At the same time, consolidation has changed the health insurance landscape in Florida. A small number of major players now dominate the industry. In an effort to reduce costs, these major health insurers are pushing their customers to use automated customer service tools (online tools and menu-driven automated phone systems), thus making it increasingly difficult for consumers to reach a real person to help them. In the face of all of this, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida continues to operate as an independent, mutual, not-for-profit organization, which is ultimately answerable to its members, not to outside investors. The challenge was to boldly and simply communicate that BCBSF, and all of its employees, understand that the best health care experiences require personal attention and personalized solutions, and it starts by listening to what all Floridians have to say.