Microsizing: The Smaller, the Better

Microsizing is the new right-sizing as the move toward “less is more” breaks the gravitational pull of “bigger is better” for Americans. There are Minis on highways, Nanos in pockets and micro-TV series online. But it's in the food industry where consumers' continuing desire for fresh experiences, a growing sensitivity to consuming too much and a new consciousness about spending converge to create an environment that's ripe for an explosion of huge opportunities in the world of itty-bitty offerings. This week's MONITOR Minute looks at the growing trend among consumers to “think small.”


When it comes to buying food and beverages today, consumers are increasingly aware that they no longer have to settle for the one-size-fits-all approach. Many are now looking for a reprieve from, or at least reconsidering, large portions. They're realizing that if they don't want to commit to an entire entrée or dessert, they can still satisfy their cravings with other choices that provide just enough (for example, “small plates,” “100-calorie packs” or “bite-sized desserts”).