Southeast Asia's digital landscape: data from comScore

Low Lai Chow

Today's average global internet user spends nearly 24 hours online in a month, during which 1 in 5 minutes are reserved for social networking. He or she also views 174 online videos, consumes 2,300 pages of content and performs 121 searches in 56 distinct visits to the internet.

Interestingly, this global internet user is also less likely to be American.

"The US is no longer at the centre of the online world," is the observation of comScore's Chief Operating Officer, Greg Dale.

"In 1996, two-thirds of the activity was happening in the US, one third outside the US. Now that picture's totally flipped. The US accounts for less than 15% of total internet users. In Asia-Pacific it's over 40%." And there is plenty of room to grow. The average penetration of internet users in Asia-Pacific is below 50%.

Dale was speaking at ad:tech Singapore, where he presented in-depth findings by comScore on the digital landscape of Asia, and Southeast Asia in particular.

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