Goodyear: A Lifetime Commitment to Safety

Advertiser: Goodyear China
Agency: Ogilvy Public Relations Shanghai
Market: China
Campaign Duration: May – June 2011

This campaign won the Issue Management Award at the global SABRE awards for PR.



Consumers should be able to trust that the products they buy and use are safe. However, in China, with tainted milk, lead-painted toys and road accidents all making headline news in recent months and years, consumer confidence in safety has faded. With the public exposure of Kumho Tyre company's product quality problems in March 2011, tyre safety has also become an issue of prime concern for Chinese drivers.

In a time of turmoil over safety, Goodyear embraced the opportunity to ignite a discussion on safety while other companies were avoiding it. Rather than lecture on the technical aspects of safety, Goodyear took an emotional approach celebrating the passion of the unsung heroes in society who have dedicated their lives to safety. Introducing a 'spirit of safety', seven one-minute documentary films tell the stories of ordinary people who have devoted their lives to keeping millions of people safe.

Background and objectives