The “glo-cal” branding toolkit – a global strategy in local markets

M. Gabriela Ugalde Romagnoli
Nestlé, Chile

Mauricio Yuraszeck Ardiles
Cadem Advertising, Millward Brown, Chile


The purpose of this paper is to show how a multinational company faced the challenges of successfully entering the Latin American market; and how it provided guidance for global strategic brand development with a local solution in the arena of the “Employer Branding” strategy.

This case study shows the difficulties that exist when looking for a local solution that maintains the identity of the employment market of each country and the value of the global proposal across the Nestlé Austral American Region. What similarities and differences do we find between countries and how do these findings interact with corporate expectations? It is remarkable to know how a global company could capitalize on branding and its values. This document is a description of the research plan, the background explanation, and the creative work of the HR team.