Panel Doubling Operation. Meter sample size and effects on the quality of planning

Walter Pancini
Auditel, Italy
Giovanni Rampi
AGB Italia Group, Italy


In 1984, when Auditel was established, a very hard-fought battle was on for audiences - a nothing-barred battle. Data produced by different methods were exchanged like stone-throws by public and private networks.

Finally, the will for an agreement prevailed and the parties sat at a peace-making table with the aim to set up an organization able to measure television audience in Italy in an impartial manner. This organization would be governed equally by all parties in order to ensure market transparency.

Therefore, Auditel was set up employing a criterion much hoped for by the European organizations themselves: that is, as a 'tripartite body' with three equal parts (33%) for the three market components: the public broadcaster (Rai), private broadcasters (Mediaset, national networks and local TV stations), and advertising (i.e.: Upa, the advertising user companies; agencies and media centers represented by the Assap, Otep and Assomedia associations).