Event Marketing and Newspapers

How an innovative newspaper can partner with its advertising clients

William W. Cone
Herald Events

The big buzz words in the newspaper business the past few years have been 'marketing driven,' 'brand building' and 'new business development.' Yet for the most part, the majority of newspapers still look for new business in the same old places: from retail, automotive and employment accounts or from ad agency placements. Very few newspapers have developed serious strategies to get their share of the promotional marketing dollars being spent in their markets. And that adds up to a considerable loss of both revenue and new business.

About one third of all marketing dollars spent today are directed toward consumer promotions. And one of the fastest growing areas of consumer promotion is event marketing. Event marketing offers a unique vehicle for innovative newspapers to partner with their advertising clients. Companies of all sizes and types are using events to target their message. All indications are, that, in the next decade, event marketing will become even more strategic and will remain a very hot tool for creative marketers.