Happy Monkey

Dew Gibbons

Client: Good Natured
Category: Corporate/Brand Identity (Design and implementation costs under £100,000)

Executive summary

Happy Monkey, the kids' smoothie brand launched in 2009, has grown quickly and beyond its owners expectations. Much of this success is thanks to the clarity of the positioning, brand identity, tone of voice and packaging, all developed by Dew Gibbons in partnership with the brand's owner, Good Natured.

From a standing start with no distribution amongst multiples, and with packaging as the sole direct to consumer communications medium, here's a taster of the results for this David versus Goliath story:

  • 10% market share penetration
  • Sales value targets exceeded by 22%
  • 200% sales value growth
  • 134% sales volume growth
  • 17% increase in average price per unit
  • Listings in three major multiples
  • Return on design investment within eight weeks

Project overview