Electric Ireland: Tweet Cafe

Client Company Name: Electric Ireland
Brand Name: Electric Ireland
Agency:Tequila Ireland
Category:Innovative Idea or Concept;Sponsorship/Joint Effort/Tie-in
Total Commercial Communications Expenditure: €50,000 to €100,000
Country: Ireland


In 2011, ESB Electric Ireland faced a unique challenge in having to comply with reducing market share in order to meet regulatory standards. Following deregulation, the main challenge for ESB Electric Ireland was to maintain its position as Ireland's leading energy provider in a considerably more competitive playing field, (with Bord Gais & Airtricity being the key competitors in the consumer and business markets). With a new brand name and identity, it was vitally important that ESB Electric Ireland started to build its own brand values and credibility amongst a digitally savvy and wider business audience. Our job as their agency was to ensure they were seen as a progressive, dynamic and trusted company rather than a staid old semi state with new clothing. The new brand proposition was 'where your energy meets ours, anything is possible' and The Tweet Cafe became a physical expression of the power of this campaign to foster and encourage connections between teams and between ESB Electric Ireland in order to make something amazing happen. This activity was part of an overall digital strategy that combined technology with experiential marketing to create targeted and innovative campaigns that could be experienced and then shared.