IAB US Annual Meeting 2009: Ten things that matter to continued growth of online advertising

Geoffrey Precourt
WARC Online

Joanne Bradford, one of two Yahoo senior managers who addressed the 2009 IAB leadership conference in Orlando, came to the convention podium with a clear message to reform.

Bradford told delegates: "I love the interactive business. Television and print are in trouble, because people love to be online. And, even though they're spending more time with us, we're not getting the value out of that attention.

"The CPM of TV is far higher than it's ever been on interactive media. And here's the action we have to take: We need to solve inefficiencies in our industry if we're ever going to fully capture our consumers' imagination to the point of putting online advertiser engagement on par with more traditional media."

To that end, Branford and Michael Walrath, Yahoo svp/advertising marketplaces group, offered a list of "10 things that matter" as their IAB take-away.