The Effects of Brand Experience and An Advertisement's Disclaimer Speed on Purchase: Speak Slowly or Carry a Big Brand

Kenneth C. Herbst
Mason School of Business, College of William and Mary

David Allan
Erivan K. Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph's University


Turn on the radio on any given day and you will hear commercials with disclaimers. Disclaimers have become an important executional cue in advertising used to satisfy the consumer's need for clarification and information, and the company's need for legal compliance and protection. Despite the amount of time and money many companies spend on advertising on the radio, very little research has examined disclaimers in radio advertisements and their effectiveness in engendering purchase. There has been some research examining disclaimers in television advertising (Stern & Harmon 1984; Stutts & Hunnicut 1987; Morgan & Stoltman 2002) and the non-disclaimer content of television advertising (Aaker & Bruzzone 1985; Abernethy & Franke 1996; De Pelsmacker & Geuens 1997; Janssens & De Pelsmacker 2005).