DeS'S: My Mattress Savings Bank

VCCP Spain

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Spain
Program start date: 03/13/13
Program end date: 05/13/13
Advertiser/Client Name: DeS'S
Product/Service Description: Bedding solutions by DeS'S, a manufacturing and distribution company from the Northwest of Spain that has their own show-room stores.
Category: Retail/Direct Sales (RDS)


Business problem

Due to the critical situation of the Spanish economy, 83% of Spanish people don't believe it is a good time to buy anything that is not essential or absolutely needed. So, fewer and fewer people are considering renewing their old mattresses. This has a knock on effect for all bedding distributors and manufacturers and means many could go out of business if this trend continues. DeS'S planned to launch an aggressive promotional campaign, following in the footsteps of other leading bedding companies, such as Pikolin and Flex, who were offering discounts as high as 40%. However this strategy did not seem to be working for anybody.