The Car, the Environment and the Media:
An Analysis of press Coverage on Environmental Issues Affecting the European Motor Industry 

            Peter Christopherson,
            Director, CARMA International Ltd, United Kingdom


The pressures facing the motor industry in Europe are many and varied: globalization, over-production, safety, legislation and, of course, the environment. As the consumer boom of the eighties moved into the green consciousness of the nineties, manufacturers responded to increasing pressure to produce more efficient, cleaner vehicles. Oil companies played their part by researching more efficient, cleaner fuels. Pressure on the industry came from many sources: national governments, the European Union, increasingly more effective action from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and consumers with environmental awareness. All these used print and broadcast media - and latterly the Internet - as the channel to voice their overt concerns. Lobbying groups and organizations were set up on both sides of the metaphorical fence.