Emerging Industry Overview: Concierge Services, Corporate and Personal

Industry Snapshot

In today's busy world, who has time for such headaches as picking up the laundry from the dry cleaners or returning that overdue library book? If corporate and personal concierge service firms had their way, the answer would be no one. While most people had not yet forsaken routine personal chores and opted to hire professionals, the concierge industry, known as lifestyle management in the United Kingdom, had become an increasingly popular option. Concierge services have since gained credibility as bona fide business ventures and not just a passing fad for the super rich.

Katharine Giovanni, president and co-founder of the International Concierge and Errand Association (ICEA), stated in a 2008 article for Crain's Cleveland Business, "The concierge service business has grown rapidly in the United States, driven by consumers who are overwhelmed by basic tasks and with their increasingly hectic lives and long commutes." Whereas there were only about 50 such businesses in the United States during the 1990s, a decade later were thousands.