Balancing the Scorecard Through Research Integration

Andy Brown
HR Research, MORI
Caroline Smith
Customer Insights, The Halifax



Many organisations profess to use the 'Balanced Scorecard' to manage their business success. However, relatively few in the UK have yet introduced truly integrated measurement systems to put this into reality. This paper aims to show how The Halifax has used integrated employee and customer research along with business performance measures to turn its corporate knowledge into competitive advantage.

The paper also aims to demonstrate the need for agencies and clients to work together to ensure such synergies are realised by fusing research and business data sources.

The paper will achieve its stated aims by addressing the following issues:

  • an outline of the Balanced Scorecard business model and its prominence in helping organisations to achieve their strategic and tactical objectives
  • a review of previously published integrated research studies using a similar approach
  • the problems of 'silo' research within organisations (employee surveys within HR, customer surveys within marketing and business data within the finance function) and how this problem prevents data integration
  • the use of integrated research within The Halifax including:
  • the need for comparable and 'mirrored' questions between employee and customer surveys
  • the need to build a database of employee, customer and business data by business units to integrate the organisation's knowledge base
  • the need to use appropriate analysis techniques to turn that knowledge base into competitive advantage (eg: gap analysis, correlation and regression analysis and causal path modelling)
  • the business benefits of the approach

The Balanced Scorecard Business Model