The Tipping Point: From Dream to Reality

Dr Paul Marsden
Brand Genetics

The Two-Minute Tipping Point

Using the science of social epidemics, The Tipping Point explains the three simple principles that underpin the rapid spread of ideas, products and behaviours through a population. By applying these principles, the book outlines how market researchers can help produce a 'tipping point' for a new product or service, the moment when a domino effect is triggered and an epidemic of demand sweeps through a population like a highly contagious mind virus.

The Law of the Few

'The Law of the Few' states that the spread of any new product or service is determined by the initial adoption patterns of a small group of socially infectious early-adopters. Drawing from social network science and research into the diffusion of innovations, Gladwell explains how a combination of word of mouth advocacy and the copycat effect allows connected and respected early-adopters to drive product diffusion and act as gate-keepers to mass-market adoption. The   infectious power of this special subset of early-adopters can be explained by their position as social hubs in peer networks, connecting everybody to everybody by six degrees of separation, thereby connecting businesses to their mass market. This network centrality combined with an early-adopter profile provides these socially infectious 'connectors', as Gladwell calls, with a viral capacity similar to that of celebrities and expert opinion leaders to showcase and advocate new products, thereby kick-starting a word of mouth epidemic of demand.