From the editor: Brands with meaning

Colin Grimshaw

It was dire warnings about the imminent demise of planet Earth that probably got brands to think about their impact on society. The 'green marketing' strategies that followed focused on a brand's positive contribution to the ecosystem (or reduction in negative impact).

Ethical considerations — brands produced in the Third World by child labour and those that paid homage to dictators, and other such social/political concerns — were the next strand in what became known as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Then, as the blogosphere and Twitter emerged as organs for the masses to air grievances and to question what brands stood for, and how they could improve human life generally, a more personal extension of CSR emerged, known as Meaningful Marketing — the subject of this month's Admap Focus. This connects brands with a mission to improve the quality of life — the environment, society at large, local communities, and personal wellbeing, such as happiness, health, mood and self-esteem.