The ten most controversial ads of 2007

Stephen Whiteside

The Advertising Standards Authority - the UK advertising industry watchdog - received 24,192 complaints in 2007, with objections being raised to a record 14,080 ads. This total is down on the all-time record number of objections - which is currently the 26,236 complaints recorded in 2005 - but constituted a 7.9% rise on 2006.

Some 10,685 complaints were received about a total of 2,639 broadcast ads. In all, 9,958 of all complaints related to broadcast ads - compared with slightly over 600 complaints relating to radio ads - while seven out of the top ten of the most complained about ads were also TV spots

The internet was the subject of 2,980 complaints - with the vast majority relating to misleading ads or online content, and issues concerning pricing and availability. However, as 2,000 of these objections related to the content of websites, they fell outside the ASA’s area of jurisdiction.