Dove Body Lotion: The Dove School of Body Language

Ogilvy Group London

The team

Emma de la Fosse, Charlie Wilson, Gerry Human, Ruth Jamieson, Rod Broomfield, Jenny Bond, Ivan Pols, David Dahan, Alexandra Mecklenburg, Michael Ozard.

Other contributors
Therapy Films – Production
Prime Focus – Post production
Soundtree – Music
Grand Central Sound Studios – Audio post production
Mad Cow Films – Digital production.

What is wonderful about this work?

Our TV spot announced the way the product could affect your body language, and instead of creating a website and expecting our audience to come to us, we went to them by working within a Facebook tab. Women interacted with the Dove School of Body Language 346,782 times and gave us over two million 'Likes,' each estimated to be worth $141.76.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?