Ovaltine: Small slice, big pie - how moving from a milky sleep aide to a daytime break drink paid dividends for Ovaltine

Principal Author: Ric Nicholls, WCRS&Co/Engine


Who are people who come second? They're the first people to lose.

On this the business books are agreed. Second sucks. If you're not number one in a market, you need to find the market you CAN be number one in.1 Or become one of the also-rans.

This paper shows an alternative route out of this second cul-de-sac for a small brand with tiny budgets but huge ambitions: not finding a niche market to dominate, but grabbing a tiny slice of an enormous one.

It shows how Ovaltine moved from a poor second (of two) in the malted sleep aide market (dominated by Horlicks who outspent Ovaltine 13:1) to grab over 1% of the enormous £1.65bn daytime hot drink market.