Microsoft Australia:



Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: Australia
Date program started/ended: 19th June to 9th September 2009

Product Description: Internet Explorer 8 is Microsoft's latest web browser application. Launched in 2009, it comes 9 years after it's predecessor Internet Explorer 6.

Advertiser/Client Name: Microsoft Australia
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Marketplace Challenge:

Since Internet Explorer 6 was released 9 years ago, it has become outdated and no longer conforms to web standard practices, making Microsoft's share in the browser market in Australia decline. The launch of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 was a chance to arrest this trend. However, new Microsoft products are typically met with cynicism and criticism. Users of competing products like Safari and Firefox are highly brand loyal, and highly critical of Microsoft. Called 'Fanboys', these users are vocal in their anti-Microsoft sentiment, and our marketing presence could stir up the hornet's nest, easily attracting negative opinion and comment of the Microsoft brand and the product, even though unfounded. We had to find a way to give an online presence to Internet Explorer 8, give a voice to users of IE8 and create a social buzz.