Meaningful marketing: All in a good cause

Tracy Carlson
Right-Brain Brands

People are now more questioning of corporate social responsibility and cause marketing. Brands need to show that their campaigns have a real benefit to society.

We live in a world flooded with choices and glutted with messages at every turn. As brands try to connect with customers in this din, some have found new ways to distinguish themselves by undertaking efforts with a positive societal benefit.

Hard data on the impact of such meaningful marketing programmes can be elusive. The longest-running studies of efforts (as tracked by Cone Inc. in the US) tend to be long on high-minded attitudinal data and short on behavioural substantiation. Nevertheless, the trend is undeniable: more companies are engaged than ever in programmes that aim to have a positive impact on quality of life. Here we will take a look at two types of initiatives: cause marketing and corporate social responsibility (CSR).