Jungle Formula: From repellent to compelling or how Jungle Formula took the sting out of summer

Principal Author: Andrew Perkins, VCCP
Contributing Authors: Amy Whittaker, VCCP; Elspeth Fisher, Total Media


This paper is, unapologetically, a work in progress.

Or, to slip into the more fashionable jargon, it's real-time.

A quick read through some of the most successful ‘Odd Year’ IPA Effectiveness Awards shows that, very often, it's organisations with a bigger marketing infrastructure that are best able to prove their case - whether that's an isolated campaign of an otherwise big-spending brand, a brand that has maintained a 7-figure marketing spend year in year out, or public sector communications.

Having written this paper, we can see why this should be so. Without the luxury of ongoing brand tracking, adstock models, category norms or case studies, and all the other paraphernalia that come with consistent category spend, the challenges facing marketers are arguably greater, the questions tougher.