Consumer Response to digital convergence

Nigel Sheldon

Nowadays we increasingly get our entertainment from a range of different devices. The comedian Ricky Gervais's podcast has surpassed five million downloads; the file-sharing of demos among fans before a CD was released helped ensure that online music downloads would contribute to the fastest first-album UK sales of all time from UK band the Arctic Monkeys; and Virgin Radio boasted more SMS messages during the launch Christian O'Connell show than usually received in a day. Meanwhile, Big Brother sustained its appeal across different channels, as people wanted to stay in touch with the celebrities in the house: over half a million turned over to its sister digital channel E4 after 10 pm on the night of British MP George Galloway's eviction; Channel 4's website traffic rose dramatically, with users spending on average 15–20 minutes in its chatrooms; and the downloads on 3G mobile were reportedly high too.