TV Consumption is growing – Latest trends in TV consumption worldwide

Jacques Braun and Alexandre Callay
Eurodata TV Worldwide, France


The media industry and its turnover were, similarly to all other industries, profoundly affected by the current world crisis. Many claim that television consumption is also suffering from a decrease linked to new media usage starting with the Internet. Despite this Cassandra, Eurodata TV Worldwide, which has been gathering TV ratings from all around the world for more than 18 years, demonstrates year after year that TV consumption is growing: +1 minute in 2008 on average across 76 territories surveyed in 2008 (with 188 minutes). This should not come as a surprise since many factors linked to the developing “digital ecosystem” are having a positive effect on TV usage: more distribution means (cable, satellite, IPTV, mobile television, catch up TV, digital terrestrial broadcast, etc.), more channels available to the consumer and last but not least better content. All these factors as well as cross fertilization between media are key drivers of TV consumption. This paper will therefore present all the reasons why television is in good health from a viewer's perspective and also explain why the future looks bright.