Rhode Island Community Food Bank: Making something of nothing

Category: GoodWorks—Non-profit
Brand/Client: Rhode Island Community Food Bank
Primary Agency: Nail Communications
Contributing Agency: Beef Films


Our client, was facing its toughest times last year. The worst economic downturn in generations had resulted in unprecedented demand at their pantries. And a skeptical, results-oriented, donor base saw hunger prevention as a never-ending 24-hour battle, against which their donation would have little impact.

The recruitment of a younger, educated, tech-savvy, wealthier and regular donor that we needed to supplant the check-writing, once-a-year, older and poorer existing base was frustrated by a perception that nothing could end hunger in Rhode Island.

Our research (Qualitative Outreach – Fall '09) also uncovered that our target donors didn't want to be made to feel guilty. They wanted to feel empowered. The tear-jerker, pro-bono TV spot that charities typically run wasn't going to turn them into long-term advocates for our cause.