Nissan Frontier: Damn ponies

Lew'Lara\TBWA, Brasil

Damned ponies, Nissan the strategy behind the phenomenon

This paper tells the story of the most important Brazilian advertising campaign in 2011. The campaign, which had the most views in Brazilian YouTube's history and millions of parodies, secured its place in popular culture, even being included in end of year retrospectives on TV channels.

Although facing an unfavourable market context and with an out of phase product, we invested in a bold strategy, establishing who we were, creating a clear point of view and place for Nissan Frontier, which began to uphold values going against the trends of the segment.

However, we can risk saying that the greatest key for success was the social media strategy. Having in mind the viral potential of the creative product in our hands, we used a trend from the beginnings of the internet to encourage sharing, showing that ideas are, and always will be, more important than the latest technological innovation.

Problem a pick-uptruck from the past