How anime reignited consumer passion for Internet Explorer in Asia

Low Lai Chow

Web browsers may not seem like a high-interest category for many consumers, but the intense competition in this sector between firms like Google, Mozilla and Microsoft indicates just how important it is to control the gateway to the internet.

And Jonathan Wong, apps and services marketing lead for Microsoft Asia Pacific, told delegates at The Internet Show 2014 that Internet Explorer, Microsoft's competitor in this battle, has been left seriously wounded.

"It is a difficult job, because Internet Explorer is just not a brand that people care about today," he said. "Because of various legacy issues or things that happened in the past, it's really a hard sell to get people to love and adore Internet Explorer."

One Twitter user, for example, ran a poll on the microblog suggesting Internet Explorer was as bad as Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. "The worst part is: there are over 30,000 people who agree with him," said Wong. A member of social-media platform Reddit similarly posted a chart showing how US murder rates have declined along with the decline in Internet Explorer's market share.