The Beauty of Enhanced TV

How Interactive TV Creates Audience Involvement in the Miss America Pageant

David Ernst
Initiative Media, United States

Rachel Mueller-Lust
ABC Television Network, United States


Interactivity has the potential to alter the consumer media experience and in turn reshape how brands are marketed to consumers. The Internet, VCRs and DVD players all have been successful examples of interactive media devices, but so far only the Internet has the ability to reach large audiences with a 'two-way' interactive experience. And so, at the moment, the ability to interact with a television program is fairly limited, as this aspect of TV viewing is in an early incubation stage. Video-on-Demand, Digital Video Recorders and other On-Demand venues show promise, but these nascent delivery mechanisms are not yet close to reaching critical mass. Currently, however, a full two-way capacity is becoming associated with TV programming and advertising via the Internet, a new capability that can create additional value and foster stronger connections between the consumer and the brand.