The Indian Olympic Team: No Country For Olympians

Siddhant Lahiri, Shubhrojyoti Roy and Pinaki Bhattacharya

Campaign details

Brand owner: The Indian Olympic Team
Agency: JWT
Brand: The Indian Olympic Team
Country: India
Channels used: Online video, Outdoor, out-of-home, Social media
Media budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

2012 was the year of the London Olympics – and the agency was tasked with creating a campaign to garner support for India's contingent. The only problem: India as a nation doesn't care about the Olympics. In a cricket-crazy nation, the Olympics don't interest the public. Despite the fact that these men and women compete for the nation's glory, Indians barely know anything about their Olympians or about the various sports played at the Games.

This situation was a classic case of apathy – from which the nation had to be shaken out. The tactic was to use reverse psychology and provoke India into feeling shame and guilt about their attitude towards their own Olympians. The big idea: question the Olympians' sanity for toiling away for an uncaring nation's glory.