got milk? – White Gold and the Calcium Twins


For over a dozen years the got milk? campaign relied on a deprivation and food-pairing strategy to remind California's consumers of the importance of an oft-overlooked commodity. Amidst a profusion of competitive assaults, the popular and much loved advertising helped reverse a twenty-year decline in the state's per capita milk consumption – and also went on to create a prominent brand in the most unlikely of places.

Yet more than halfway through the '00s the landscape around got milk? had changed – requiring a creative reevaluation of our messaging strategy, our approach to media and even our primary 'mom' target who we had courted for well over a decade:

  • Fresh competition emerged to challenge milk's established good-for-you status. In came the bottled waters, vitamin waters, energy drinks, sports drinks, juices, anti-oxidant green teas, soymilkand calcium-fortified everything.