Crossselling: Myth or Legend?

Thomas Bayne

Most of us could probably fill a dustbin with the quantity of junk mail we receive each and every week. Much of it is unsolicited and of little relevance to our daily lives. An analysis of your dustbin will reveal that most of this unsolicited mail is an attempt by one supplier or another to cross-sell a related, or more often than not an unrelated, product or service.

What is happening is that electricity companies are trying to sell gas or water, just as water companies are trying to sell electricity and gas. Equally,
high-street banks are trying to cross-sell credit cards, pensions and life insurance policies. 

The assumption is that you are just dying to buy more products from them. Some of us will, but most will not, even when offered substantial bribes. What causes consumers to spurn these incentives and what type of thinking encourages organisations to believe consumers will respond to cross-sales programmes? Both questions will be explored here.

Impeccable logic