MRS Conference on Social Research

New ways of charting social change, engaging respondents and creating effective communications

Judie Lannon

The increasing influence of social research on policy making that characterised the last UK government and looks set to be continued by the new coalition is an excellent  opportunity for social market research to raise its game.  The MRS's recent conference on social research, chaired by Carli Lessof, Director of Innovation and Development, National Centre for Social Research, provided a mixture of innovative methodologies and case studies demonstrating a sophistication that commercial marketing could envy.

Realigning market research tools, methods and approaches

Emily Gray from Ipsos MORI Social Research began the day outlining three significant shifts in how social research is being conducted. The first was a theme that has been reflected in several research conferences of late: more listening and less asking, using different data sources (analyses of blogs, social media sites, etc), online and ethnography and other observational techniques offline.