Emerging Industry Overview: Specialty Bakeries

Industry Snapshot

In 2010 retail bakeries generated more than $9.1 billion in sales, according to figures from Dun & Bradstreet's Marketing Solutions. After suffering through the economic recession of the late 2000s, the industry was looking forward to a recovery as 2010 neared a close. However, some of the developments in the early years of the twenty-first century had affected how retail bakeries conducted business. Some of the major trends influencing the industry included the increase in demand for small, individually sized products; the growing market for organic and allergen-free foods; and the incorporation of ethnic flavors and recipes into the mainstream bakery. In addition, Americans were demanding evidence of environmentally friendly practices from bakeries and other product suppliers. This demand resulted in changes to everything from the way bakeries powered their ovens to the types of materials they used to package their products.