Five ways Coke Indonesia changed itself to excel at social

Low Lai Chow

Twelve months ago, if someone commented on any one of Coca-Cola Indonesia's social accounts, it would be akin to talking to a brick wall.

"We couldn't reply," revealed Cara Mayega, Coca-Cola Indonesia's group integrated marketing content and connections manager. "That was a problem for us. We were only having one-way conversations with our fans and with our consumers… (even though) we were producing great content."

Mayega was speaking at the Social Matters conference held in Singapore in May 2014, where she was interviewed by Ogilvy & Mather's worldwide managing director and senior partner Fergus Hay about the barriers she and her team faced in trying to engage Indonesian consumers on social.

Part of the challenge took place on an organisational level, with internal work protocols making it hard for her team to respond on social to consumers on a timely basis: "We knew there were problems on both sides, whether it was the way we were working with agencies, but also … how quickly we could turn around the approval on something."