Diageo perfume

Izzy Pugh, Hazel Barkworth, Lucy Barrett, Ellie Sellar, Al Downs, Tania Heyes, Karen Foster and Sara Springer
Added Value


Women are complex creatures; any man, or woman, can tell you that. For Diageo, the opportunities of understanding women across different cultures opened up new innovation pipelines in the world of spirits. Here perfume sits well as an adjacent category in understanding the importance of brand and marketing, the role of packaging and the sensory element. But more so, perfume brands are masters at creating emotional connections with women.

The brief in itself was innovative; deconstructing a category, applying a semiotic and cultural lens, and turning the findings into valuable, tangible recommendations for our alcohol client.

What we found was that at its best and most inspiring perfume branding far exceeds its product in a way that alcohol rarely does. Turning our important learning's – sub categorized into six emotional worlds – into an interactive digital tool that's used in workshops and innovation sessions by Diageo's global brand teams.