April 4th, International Day for Mine Awareness: Lend Your Leg 2012

Proximity Colombia Bogota

Advertiser: Arcangeles Foundation
Brand: April 4th, International Day for Mine Awareness
Country: Colombia


  1. We had to make people aware about the landmine problem in Colombia.
  2. People needed to be made more sensitive to the fact that there are real victims as a result of landmines.
  3. But most importantly, for the first time, we needed to make Colombians feel they could do something about this issue, even though it was not a problem that affected most people.
  4. After the initial stages of the campaign, the campaign started to spread internationally and the objectives were reconsidered. Thus our objective changed radically: make the International Day for Mine Awareness, actually international.


We needed to take the landmine problem out of the jungles and give it more relevance to average people. To give our people the opportunity to demand "no more landmines" when they didn't know how, or where to do it.