Developments in ecommerce: Insights from Waitrose, Unilever and Amazon

Emily Barley

Understanding how consumers use websites across different devices is vital to formulating effective ecommerce strategies. In evidence of this, representatives from Waitrose, Unilever and Amazon explained how their retail tactics are developing while speaking at IAB Engage, a conference held by the Internet Advertising Bureau in London in October 2013.

Waitrose develops its online offering

Robin Phillips, director of ecommerce at Waitrose, spoke about how the grocery chain improved its online offering with the re-launch of its website. The company has a history of co-ownership with employees, who are referred to as "partners", and premises its retail business on providing high-quality service and advice in store. "The biggest challenge is: how do I really get across sharing a love of great food and drink with our consumers?" said Phillips. "How do you interpret that on digital?"