URA.ru: Make the politicians work!

Agency: Voskhod Ekaterinburg
Advertiser: URA.ru
Brand: URA.ru
Country: Russia


Our goals were:

- To attract elder audience, in addition to the already existing

- To increase trust rating of URA.ru

- To translate the position of the web-site – honest real-time reaction to important events of the region


According to Freedom House1, the rating of freedom of speech in Russia is one of the lowest in the world (it's close to African countries and Middle East). Our independent mass-media should have a lot of courage to be popular.

URA.ru is one of several independent information agencies in Russia, it's based in Yekaterinburg and reports about the news of the Ural Federal District and Perm region. URA.ru was founded in 2006. Due to it's real-time reaction to important events and unique approach to journalism it quickly became popular and entered TOP-52 news media of the region.