Using the Internet for business-to-business marketing. What works? Why?

Philippe Bouti
LAMTAR, France


More specifically, the purpose of the paper was to investigate two questions:

What is being done on the web today, in marketing and communications?


  • review and analyze the main marketing and communication strategies that appear on the Internet today: marketers using their sites to provide a new service to their clients, simply provide information on their company and products, etc.
  • review and analyze the main tactics and types of 'dotcoms' that appear on the Internet today: on-line brochures, jump-off sites leading to other sites, etc.
  • and propose a typology of these sites.

What works? Why?

ie understand and discuss what makes a business-to-business and more generally a commercial web site successful, leading to a set of practical do's and dont's for marketers who want to build or rebuild their web site.


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