Good Things Take Time

Agency: Clemenger BBDO
Advertiser: Mainland
Awards: Sustained Success  (Gold/Grand Effie)

Marketing Challenge

In the 1980's, generic cheese advertising focused on increasing consumption through promoting big blocks. Shoppers were encouraged to buy a 1kg block for the family that could be used in many ways. The big block market was rapidly becoming a household item and would become increasingly price driven over the next decade with the introduction of budget brands. Mainland recognised the future was in creating a brand that added-value: offering a wide range of cheese types, sharper flavours and different packaging options to make cheese easier to use and more interesting to eat.

Mainland needed to move away from the rest of the market and establish a position that was based on emotional values, rather than the rational attributes all cheese brands obtain by default (versatile, nutritious, convenient, value-for-money). In short, Mainland needed a clear, long-term brand position that was different from all other brands in the market.