Mimi Foundation: Rebuild their image

Leo Burnett


Company Name: Leo Burnett France
Country: France
Client name: Mimi Foundation
Entry category: Non-profit Organisations and Non-governmental Bodies
Dates run: The Campaign ran from 12/3/2010 to 28/2/2011


Issue: How to get the French to make a donation to a foundation which is still unknown in France, given that the first factor which holds people back is a lack of trust in the charity? How to overcome the generally accepted idea that cancer can only be cured by medical science?


Marketing Objectives: Collect a maximum amount of money to finance the opening of new Mimi Foundation centres in France.

Communication Objectives: - to raise public awareness of the Mimi Foundation > to make its role known so as to make people want to donate. - to raise public awareness of cancer treatments > to get people to understand that treatments which may seem superficial when one is suffering from an illness as serious as cancer are in fact fundamental to the healing process.