Etch A Sketch: Shake It Up, America

Category: Single Impact Engagment
Brand/Client: Etch A Sketch / The Ohio Art Company
Lead Agency: Team Detroit Inc.
Contributing Agency: Southard Communications

State of the brand's business

Etch A Sketch is a toy legend. Introduced in 1960, this toy holds a special place in many adults' fond childhood memories. It's an inductee in the National Toy Hall of Fame and made the Century of Toys List by the Toy Industry Association. It's even played a supporting, supporting role in the Toy Story trilogy. While Etch A Sketch has sold well over time, sales are relatively stagnant and are mostly driven by parents' and grandparents' nostalgia for the toy.

The toy market today is drastically different from that of Etch A Sketch's heyday. Kids are clamoring for the latest and greatest in electronics, video games, apps, and licensed toys - bigger, faster and cooler. And a toy that manually and mysteriously draws using left and right knobs just doesn't break through and grab kids' attention.