The fragrance cocktail – A cross-culturAl multi brAnd study

Frédéric Miedzinski
Open Air Market Research, France


Visibly Different

In 2007,16 years after the botched exercise of bringing Russia closer to Western society via Perestroïka, a recent opinion poll has found that 75% of the Russian population agrees there is a “Strong Russian individuality”.

A quick look at cathedrals provides a very persuasive illustration that Russia is unique – or at least different from any other modern civilisation (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Pictures of cathedrals

The cathedral of saint Vassily the blessed (Picture 1) stands for the “most original monument of the world”, as described by theophile Gaultier. It can be labelled “Russiafied byzantine style” since moscow indeed considered itself the heir of the byzantine Empire when it was built.