Comment On 'American Media And The Smoking-Related Behaviors Of Asian Adolescents'

Charles R. Taylor and P. Greg Bonner
Villanova University

In 'American Media and the Smoking-related Behaviors of Asian Adolescents,' which appeared in the Journal of Advertising Research in March 2003, Marvin Goldberg (2003) presents the results of a survey of Hong Kong adolescents conducted in 1998. Upon presenting the results, the author argues that his results are supportive of the no­tion of exposure to cigarette advertising, promo­tional products, and U.S.-made movies being related to the smoking-related behaviors of ado­lescents. In a comment on the article, Robert N. Reitter (2003) correctly points out that the study provides no evidence of causality between these independent variables and smoking behaviors, as his data only show the existence of a correlation. Goldberg responds that his study's correlations converge with other studies that have used di­verse methodologies and, as such, contribute to knowledge on the issue. Reitter notes, again accu­rately, that even if the contention that other studies have established a cause and effect relationship is true, the study does not provide additional insight.