Welcome to the decade of mobile: Google, eBay and The Guardian at IAB Mobile Engage

Joseph Clift

"This will be the year of mobile" is a prediction that has been heard so often at marketing conferences in recent years that it has become a cliché. And it came up twice at IAB Mobile Engage, organised by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, a trade body, and held in London in May 2013. But both times, it served to highlight the fact that the phrase has now been rendered redundant by reality. Ownership of cutting-edge mobile devices has gone mainstream.

"No-one's mentioned the year of the mobile yet," said Alex Tait, director of international digital acquisition at financial services firm American Express, "which means it's finally probably arrived." Later, Christian Hernandez, director of vertical business partnerships at Facebook, the social network, added: "It's no longer the year of mobile; it's the decade of mobile."