Lung Cancer Alliance: No one deserves to die

Category: No One Deserves To Die
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Lead Agency: Laughlin Constable
Contributing Agencies: The Wade Brothers

State of the brand's business

There is a large community of non-profit organizations (over 1000) who work to raise money for lung cancer research. Of those, the American Lung Association and the American Cancer Society are the most well known. Lung Cancer Alliance, by their own assessment, was not well known. But also by their own assessment, they are the largest organization devoted to advocacy and patient support, with thousands of volunteers in nearly all 50 states who help families cope, work with public policy makers to bring early detection protocols to light, and advocate for and secure public health research dollars.

In some respects, media attention given to anti-smoking efforts, state by state and via the CDC, is "competition." Much of the messaging in these efforts connects smoking to lung cancer. While smoking – current and past usage – correlates with higher incidences of lung cancer, it also correlates with higher incidences of other diseases as well. One in five people currently diagnosed with lung cancer never smoked. However, decades of Surgeon General's messaging and memorable anti-smoking advertising from the Ad Council and The Truth campaign have made the dis-association of lung cancer and smoking difficult. No lung cancer organization is "pro-smoking." But vilifying any association with lung cancer has made research funding unpopular, has made patients feel second class and has made families of loved ones so guilty and embarrassed that they don't mention "lung cancer" in obituaries. Mortality rates have not improved in decades. This was the state of our brand's business.

Strategic challenge