PVR's: Why Ads Work on Fast Forward and the Implications for Accessing TV Campaigns

Dr Alastair Goode
DUCKFOOT Research and Development Ltd

Julian Dobinson
Sky Media: British Broadcasting Ltd

This paper is in two parts. Part 1 will outline a research project commissioned by Sky media to investigate what happened when viewers watch ads a x30 fast forward, (as if they were fast forwarding through an ad break on a PVR). The finding was that even ads shown at x30 fast forward can have a positive affect on the viewer. This finding demonstrates how better understanding of cognitive psychology, in this case of implicit memory, can be used to solve the new problems. The finding also highlights why it is not always prudent to take consumers conscious reportage at face value. This observation supports Sky's decision to create SkyView, a research technique which Sky are using to understand consumer behaviour in relation to television viewing that does not require consumers to consciously report their on their behaviour.